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Meet our Master in Residence

Underwater Photographer Uli Kunz


Discover and capture Paradise underwater with our Master in Residence Uli Kunz


As part of our Master’s in Residence program, Uli Kunz, certified marine biologist, scientific diver and underwater photographer from Germany will reside on the island from August 9 to 20, 2016.

Meet Uli at the Dive Centre every day from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Learn more about Marine Life and underwater photography and visit his lectures in Javvu Private Dining Room from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on:

Wednesday, 10 August: Rapture of the Deep - Adventures of an underwater photographer (Part 1)
Friday, 12 August: Rapture of the Deep - Adventures of an underwater photographer (Part 2)
Sunday, 14 August: The Deep Sea - Dark world with big teeth
Tuesday, 16 August: Don't touch! - How to survive your vacation
Thursday, 18 August: Whales - Giants of the Sea


Uli will be on hand to provide assistance on underwater photography as well as helping to identify underwater life you might encounter during your dive and snorkeling trips. This will include a practical lesson to share his tips and tricks and he might also join in on your dive trip, to help put your newly acquired theoretical skills into practice. Uli will also give a series of insightful talks during his time here, covering topics from coral research to marine biology, sharing his experiences and expertise.


A planned visit to one of the most famous shipwrecks in the Maldives, the British Loyalty Wreck, will be an especially exciting excursion during his residency. The ship was torpedoed but rebuilt twice during World War II. It is now home to a considerable collection of striking corals with a diverse marine life and left to discover by adventurous and experienced divers just a short boat ride away from Villingili Island.


During his residency Uli will present some of his own underwater adventures as a scientific diver and a collection of his spectacular underwater photography will be on display. For those seeking a more thorough understanding of the surrounding ecosystem and CSR initiatives in place at the resort he will also be available for a series of Q+A sessions.


More about Uli Kunz

Uli Kunz studied marine biology and completed a special education to become a certified “Scientific Diver”. He carries out diverse research and photography projects under water ever since. In the Arctic, Uli dove under thick pack ice; off Norway, he followed pods of Orcas and was almost swallowed by a humpback whale; in Mexico, Uli participated in four cave-diving expeditions, exploring “Xibalba”, the so-called underworld of the ancient Mayans, bringing to light human remains and pottery; off Tasmania, he photographed colourful seadragons and marvelled at the beauty of the giant kelp forest.

Uli is a professional underwater photographer, publishing pictures in magazines like National Geographic, GEO and various dive journals. He is a frequent lecturer on cruise ships, talking about our amazing oceans, the latest discoveries in oceanography and the incredible lifeforms that dwell deep beneath the surface.

He is an enthusiastic speaker and presents his multimedia-shows at Germany's most accredited foto festivals, talking about the expeditions he participated in as marine biologist, photographer, cavediver and camera operator.